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Steuerbescheid Prüfung

Tax assessment examination

We launched this exclusive tax assessment service a few years ago.

Many of our clients have come to us from tax assistance associations. Due to a lack of time or by ignorance, for example when it comes to special professions, many do not know their way around and therefore errors in the tax return creep in.

And the statistics prove us right. According to a federal estimate for taxpayers, almost 30 percent of all tax assessments are incorrect. Even more serious is the positive outcome of an appeal after the tax assessment examination.

About two thirds of the appeals against the tax assessment have been successful. So what are you waiting for? Do you want to know if your clerk did everything correct? Or do you just want to play safe and see if you belong to the one third whose tax assessment is without error? No matter how, you should test our tax assessment examination service!

Services of the tax assessment examination

Immediately when it gets cramped

If the 4 week period ends soon, we can check your tax assessment immediately.

Accurate and comprehensive

Your tax assessment will be meticulously examined by one of our experts.

Free examination of the tax assessment notice

The examination of the tax assessment should primarily be stress-free for you and not cause any costs. The examination is therefore free of charge.

Reaching your goal together

When we have an initial overview, we will inform you. Afterwards we discuss together how to proceed. If we have gained the opinion that the appeal against the tax assessment makes economic sense, we will discuss the next steps together. If you agree with the measures, we will get to work.

Price for the appeal against the tax assessment notice

We will discuss this together as well. We have two options here, either a fixed price or we agree a success fee for the appeal against your tax assessment. We prefer the success-based fee.

Tax assessment Examination Scope of services

A specialized tax advisor will accept the examination of your tax assessment. This checks the tax assessment notice for errors. In addition, the opportunities of success are examined, where there are possibilities of appeal, in order to allow you a higher tax refund.

After a careful examination of your tax assessment, you will receive a brief statement on your tax assessment from your personal advisor. This statement (tax assessment check) then contains the first indications of possible errors.

Common consultation to the statement to your tax assessment and cost clarification. The interview is also intended to clarify any queries you may have. Once we have clarified all your questions, place your order with us.

This is how the examination of your tax assessment works

1. Upload documents

Submitted tax return

Received tax assessment

2. Further information

Describing the initial situation/situation

Formulate questions and goals

3. Please indicate contact details and availability

Phone, mobile phone, e-mail

Best availability (day and time period from to)

4. Expert testing

Processing time normally 3-5 working days

Express service possible. Please contact us in emergencies

5. Result

You will receive an assessment and a recommendation for action, which will then be discussed.

6. Payment method

After a successful appeal against your tax assessment you will receive an invoice.

Have your tax assessment checked free of charge now