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References and partners

References and evidence

UFO Tax Seminars

Our office provided the speakers for the series of seminars of the UFO trade union. Prof. Dr. Timo Eckardt (former LH pilot, lawyer for tax law) and Thomas Drtina (partner and co-founder of the aviation platform CREWlife, formerly MyRoster) gave a refreshing introduction to this very dry tax topic.

Flying and Tax

Since 2013 we have been supporting the active and closed Facebook group “Flying and Taxes”. The almost 7000 active members of the group all work as cockpit or cabin crew for airlines. As admins, we answer questions on all relevant tax issues in the aviation industry – on a voluntary basis.

Publisher of the tax tips
for the flying personnel

In 2019 we dared to do so and published our first tax tips for pilots, co-pilots, purser and flight attendants. These will not be the last. You can download the tax tips here.

Our experts take care of
the tax wiki of CREWlife

The SteuerWiki is the online version of our tax tips. Here you can also ask 24h questions on specific tax topics.

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