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Tax advice for pensioners

Dear pensioners,

with us at your side you do not have to fear the tax return for pensioners.With the pension tax we want to give you security around your personal tax returns as a pensioner.

Unfortunately, the taxation of pensions has changed with the Retirement Income Act. More and more pensioners have to file a tax return. To avoid any nasty surprises, you should not postpone your tax return for long.

To avoid any nasty surprises, you should not postpone your tax return for long. Because the longer you wait, the higher a possible additional payment can be.

No matter whether you have a few more years until retirement or are already in well-deserved retirement. We tell you which taxes you will have to pay at retirement age and which you currently have to pay. We would be pleased to show you the possibilities for tax savings. If there is one, we know it.

We take the time you need to clarify and discuss all your personal questions in peace. It is important to us that our explanations are understandable and comprehensible, because we want you to understand how you have to tax your pension and retirement income. Furthermore, we would be pleased to inform you about

announcements on pension payments

living wills

precautionary powers

succession arrangements

testament drafting and much more

Our team specialises in pension taxation and looks after you all year round in your tax matters for pensioners.


Our service includes the following services

We check which taxable income (e.g. pensions, rents, etc.) you have and which of these must be declared in the tax return for pensioners.

We prepare the tax return

We will inform you of the expected tax result

We inform you about a change in the taxation of pensions

Our experts (lawyers, tax consultants and official pension consultants) will be happy to advise you on deductions for medical expenses, care expenses and home expenses.

If it should be necessary our experts apply for the tax reductions for care achievements, household-near services and handicraft achievements

Before we inform you of the result, we check the tax assessment notice

If necessary, we discuss the tax assessment with you and lodge an appeal against it, if necessary, we involve our team of colleagues, lawyers and experts.

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