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Tax returns don’t always have to be expensive!

Service is always a point that pleases our clients, but in the end we are always measured by economic success.

Whether we like it or not, even though we often don’t have much leeway at all, because the tax laws simply don’t allow this.

At Hageter TaxColletor, the economic success for the client is always in focus.

The costs and our activities for your tax return must always be in a healthy relationship. In order to keep this financial risk as low as possible, you will almost always receive a free initial assessment from us.

In this you will learn openly and honestly what we think.

Free initial consultation

It’s always important to know what’s in store for you. We will go through these points together with you. Our checklists tailored to your case will help us do this.

Success fee option

We can also work together on a success basis under certain conditions. Because nothing is more beautiful than sharing success.
This means that if we are successful, we receive a percentage share that is agreed in advance and recorded in writing.
With this model your risk and initial costs are minimized.

Possibility fixed price
and lump sums

Here you have maximum cost control. Due to our experience and specialization in some tax-related areas, we can calculate the amount of work very well and therefore offer fixed prices or lump sum prices.

You can calculate all prices individually for the necessary or desired services!

You have questions about our prices?

Contact person is

Katharina Niemietz
Team leader