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Tax advice on pensions and insurance

It could be so beautiful, couldn’t it?

You work your entire life and pay a lot of money into pension funds, insurance and company pensions. If you reach then the well-deserved pension, the money should flow back to you and it best with profits.

But unfortunately not. When the money flows in the reverse direction, taxes are due in most cases. Many retirees are unaware that their pensions are taxable as other income.

Fortunately, only a certain part is subject to tax. How high this is depends on many different factors.

  • Future pensioners and retirees
  • Pensioners and retired persons

After receiving and reviewing the required documents, you will receive the result graphically elaborated by us. From this document you can take the tax burden from your personal pensions and include it in your personal pension planning

As a rule, we can assess the tax value of all pensions that you have planned for your retirement provision. These could be, for example, the following:

  • Statutory pension
  • „Riester“ pension
  • Basic pension (Rüruprente)
  • Income from shares
  • Income from funds
  • Real estate
  • Disability pension
  • Widow’s pension and orphan’s pension

If the suitable product is not included, please contact us.

This is how your pensions are evaluated

1. Upload documents

Extrapolations, receipts from insurers, account statements etc.

2. Further information
  • Describe initial situation
  • Values related to the pension product
  • Formulate questions and goals
3. Please indicate contact details and availability
  • Phone, mobile phone, e-mail
  • Best availability (day and time period from to)
4. Expert testing
  • Processing time normally 3-5 working days
  • Express service possible. Please contact us in emergencies
5. Outcome

You will receive an estimate of the tax burden on your pension, which can then be discussed if you wish.

6. Payment method

With the delivery of the document with the result you will receive an invoice.


Do you have any questions about pricing? Then contact us

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