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Reasons for Hageter

Reasons for Hageter TaxCollector

You are exactly right with us.
Get to know us.

Still not sure if we are the right tax office for you?
We would like to support you in your decision making. We would like you to decide whether we get a chance to earn your trust. Should you then say in the end: “That was the right decision”, both sides have done everything right.


From the beginning we put all our cards on the table. For almost all your questions you will get a free initial assessment. We will show you your chances as well as possibilities, express our concerns openly and honestly if we cannot enforce certain topics from a tax point of view or if the chances from our experience are bad. We decide together whether the cooperation and the assignment is economical or not.

“I am thrilled! I have always been shown quite clearly what the current situation is like. With the information I was able to weigh up a decision very well, whether the effort, the costs and the success are in proportion”.

Pilot Lufthansa
Pilot Lufthansa

“My tax return was off the table within a week and with minimal effort. The dedication of my personal contact was impressive.”

Mr. Schulz, Officer

Fast processing

Even though you usually have a little time to spare when it comes to taxes, we always want to give an answer within 48 hours so that your personal questions are quickly clarified. Our reliable availability ensures fast and binding support.


We know how important communication is. We will explain every single step to you, if necessary. We use a language you understand, not technical jargon. As with any partnership, it is important to speak the same language, because only together can we achieve maximum success.

“There is nothing that does not exist. No matter if it’s mail, phone, e-mail or whatever. The team is felt to be available around the clock. They always took the time I needed to understand the answer. The nice thing is that I never had the feeling that I was annoying. Thank you very much for the great cooperation.”

Family Witzlaff
Family Witzlaff

“It’s great how much time Mrs. Niemietz has taken With an angel patience she went through all the points with me and was always there for me. I won’t let go of Frau Niemietz again.”

Ursula Zimanski, Pensioner
Ursula Zimanski, Pensioner


Every client gets his personal advisor at his side. He is responsible for dealing with your questions and tasks. With an understanding of your situation and a sharp eye for the successful handling of your tax issue, your personal advisor will take care of you; because only in this way can we create a good basis for a joint and trusting cooperation.