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Hageter TaxCollector has specialized in the requirements of cockpit and cabin crews

One main reason is that the head of the office Pro.Dr.Timo Eckardt himself sat in the cockpit for years (Lufthansa). Now he takes care of the concerns of ex-colleagues when it comes to taxation and successfully represents them in front of German financial and other courts. Hageter TaxCollector is therefore your competent partner for all questions concerning your tax return and beyond.

The exclusive partnership with CREWlife completes the offer for pilots, flight students, purser and flight attendants. CREWlife offers our clients a free flight book where the duty rosters of the tax year are collected. These are processed then by MyRoster and transferred to Hageter TaxCollector in a format readable by the tax office.

You can also have the duty roster analysis created by another provider.

Thanks to this division of labour, we not only get the most out of our flying clients, but can also reduce tax consultancy costs. Experienced airliners have their flight hour overviews and duty schedules evaluated by CREWlife (MyRoster).

Our services at a glance:

Tax consulting for pilots, student pilots and flight attendants

Preparation of the income tax return for flying personnel

Loss carried forward, deductibility of pilot training

Support in compiling the supporting documents

Preparation of the duty roster evaluation

Deadline extension until 31.12.

Determination of the expected refund or subsequent payment

Checking the tax assessment notice and appeals for the flying personnel

If necessary, appeals are lodged and, if necessary, we represent you in front of the tax courts.

Strategic tax planning and tax avoidance for pilots and flight attendants

Communication with the tax offices

Advice on a residence abroad

Rules governing the travel expenses of mobile staff (right to travel expenses of mobile staff)

Advice on limited and unlimited tax liability (DBA application)

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Tax consulting for pilots and student pilots

Tax consulting for pilots and student pilots is a very special subject. As a pilot, copilot or prospective pilot, with TaxCollector you can refer to one of the most experienced teams. We know our way around, even when it comes to recognizing the training costs of a professional pilot, for example. The determination of loss, or in other words the anticipated labour costs for employment income, are not strange for us. We are always up to date on these and all other complex issues concerning pilots so that we can get the most out of your tax situation as a pilot or student pilot.

We also support you or gladly take over the evaluation of your flight hour overviews (duty rosters). Start your tax return now. You will find our tailored checklists in your personal LogIn-Bereich.

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Unfortunately, there is still no decision of the BVerfG in proceedings 2 BvL 23, 24/14. In this procedure it concerns the costs of a first vocational training or Erststudium. This question has been submitted by the BFH with resolution of 17.07.2014 (Az. VI R 2/12) to the BVerfG for final decision.


Since Jan. 1, 2014 there is a new tax travel expense law (cf. BMF letter of Oct. 24, 2014). This has far-reaching implications and new aspects for the tax return of mobile staff. In particular, the question of the ersten Tätigkeitsstätte / first place of employment (§ 9 Abs. 4 EStG) must always be re-examined for the flying personnel, since the first place of employment has a major impact on the level of income-related expenses. Meanwhile there are some special regulations on the deductibility of additional catering expenses (cf. BayLfSt, Vfg. v. Feb. 15, 2016).

Tax consulting for purser and flight attendants

Due to our specialization in the aviation industry, our clientele from the cabins has grown steadily in recent years. In recent years alone, we have been able to attract several hundred new flight attendants through our free tax assessment audit (link to Assessment Audit menu item Service). Furthermore, we support the members of the UFO e.V. Gewerkschaft,

when it comes to questions about flying and taxes. So we are familiar with the special themes of purists, such as the deductibility of the workroom. Since January 2019, we have made our experience available to everyone free of charge. You can get our free tax tips hier.

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Tax consulting for „shuttlers“

The new travel expense law has the greatest impact on our „shuttlers“. But here we have years of experience as well. No matter whether you live abroad and shuttle to Germany (for example, Palma or Vienna, Lufthansa employer) or live in Germany and fly abroad (Frankfurt or Berlin, Swiss employer). We are familiar with all known airlines and business locations of tax offices (for example tax office Hamburg for large companies). We are familiar with the double taxation agreement and the handling of cross-border commuters.

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Special industry services and solutions


Our services are not a product by chance, but the result of many years of experience. The constant commitment and further development lead to a unique result and consulting experience. Over the years we have assembled a remarkable team of experts.

This team consists of former pilots and flight attendants. A part of the processing team is even currently flying on the track. Through our good contacts to airlines like Lufthansa, Eurowings, SwissAir and EasyJet (to name a few) we are always up to date.

Also the active exchange and contact with people from the training and education centres, trade unions, advisory boards and other important committees help us to always be up to date. Due to the insolvency of AirBerlin, we have also included train drivers, locomotive drivers and train attendants in our range of consulting services for some time now, as many AirBerliners, for example, have changed to DeuscheBahn and have found their new home there.

What does specialized mean?

Anyone can give advice and support! Quality comes from experience and cooperation with experts. You can find our cooperations and partners here. (Link to menu item Law Firm Partner)See for yourself.

Our clients from the industry

Despite our very young history, we are very proud of this number. Meanwhile we serve more than 600 clients from the flying family.

  • Pilots
  • Co Pilots
  • Purser and
  • Flight attendants

come to us from almost every known airline. Every day they sit in our lounge and wait for your advice. Lufthansa, Eurowings, SwissAir and EasyJet uniforms bring refreshing colour to the firm.

What are you waiting for? We would be pleased to welcome you soon!

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