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Hageter Pension

Your pension consultant for companies, personnel and employees

So that you can enjoy your retirement life!

Unfortunately, there are many questions and even more individual answers to this issue.

Hageter Pension is a registered pension consulting office, a member of the Federal Association of Pension Consultants, and follows the long-standing tradition of neutral and independent pension consulting. The firm can offer you both legal and practical knowledge in the field of statutory pension insurance. Our consultants are not employees of the German pension insurance or employees of an insurance company.

In comparison to 163,772 lawyers and 83,355 tax advisors (as of Jan. 1, 2016), the pension advisors registered in the legal services register represent a small group of legal advisors who specialize in advising and representing clients in the following areas

  • Statutory pension insurance
  • Statutory health insurance
  • Statutory nursing care insurance
  • Statutory accident insurance
  • Social compensation law
  • Disability law
  • Pension rights adjustment and
  • Occupational pension provision.

Are the following or similar questions buzzing around in your head?

  • Who can retire at the age of 63 without deductions?
  • Can the pension be increased with voluntary contributions?
  • Do voluntary contributions make sense for me personally?
  • Can fathers get a maternal pension?
  • Can the insurance history still be updated after years?

The Hageter Pension team has answered these and many other questions individually. Answers.

In addition, the Hageter Pension helps you to
pensions consulting firm

for questions about private old-age provision

for questions, e.g. on pension applications

when switching to the SHI system

for calculation of health insurance for German pensioners (KVDR)

for questions about partial pensions with supplementary income

Whatever questions you have, just come to us.

We do not measure our success by the status of our business accounts. We seek long-term customer relationships based on trust.

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