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Business Immigration

We help you in all fields of the immigration process!

Our service in the field of Business Immigration is unique.
Our experience and expertise in this field has made us one of the top contacts in this field. We are currently the only ones to offer all areas under one roof.

Our areas include:

Business Immigration Hageter Tax:

In order to obtain a residence permit as a self-employed person in Germany, the Foreigners Authority usually requires a complete business plan for the activity (exception: freelancers).

Taxes have to be paid depending on the legal form; legal form also has an influence on the residence permit; generally trade tax + VAT for legal entities is added to corporation tax

Accounting also dependent on legal form; in Germany there is the income surplus calculation and the so-called double-entry bookkeeping; which applies to them, we tell you and support you accordingly.

In Germany, the employer is obliged to pay and pay social security contributions for the employees; we take over the complete calculation and processing of all social security contributions for you.

Private tax return see TaxCollector

We take over the registration for you at the responsible tax offices, professional associations and also apply for the company number.

All accounting options used? All depreciation, including tax depreciation, taken into account? Complete corporate tax structuring and optimization; adaptation to your goals and needs

Holding structures across national borders? Parent/subsidiary/sister companies distributed in different countries? Advice on cross-border tax structuring and double taxation agreements; adaptation to your goals and needs

Representation before the German fiscal courts

Business Immigration Hageter Legal:

The advice and drafting of partnership agreements is important for the legal protection of each party acting as a partner or managing director of the company.

Assistance in status assessment procedures is important in order to have legal certainty as a person; it is also important to know whether social security contributions may not be payable.

Preparation of and advice on partnership agreements with foreign shareholders (private and corporate)

Labour law is a very strong law in Germany and employees generally have more rights than employers; it is essential to adapt the employment contract to this situation; drafting and advice on employment contracts

Business Immigration Hageter Pension:

In Germany, a social security number is required for many accounting and administrative procedures; we will help you with the application, especially if you have private health insurance.

For the extension of various residence titles and for the unrestricted settlement permit, a pension account statement must be submitted to the Aliens Department; order pension account statements.

Calculate pension entitlements

Have you already accumulated pension entitlements through working hours abroad? Then it may make sense to have these pension entitlements transferred to the German pension account; please contact us at

Worked in Germany on a project-by-project basis and are you already on your way to another country for the new project? Under certain circumstances, you can have the pension insurance contributions paid out again; we will check that for you.

Will you only be in Germany for a short time? Under certain circumstances you may not need to pay a pension insurance; we will check this for you; please contact us

Worked in Germany and collected pension insurance entitlements? Now you are leaving Germany and do not know what to do with your pension entitlements (transfer or leave them in Germany); we will be happy to advise you; please contact us

Finally retired? We take care of the application for your pension

Would you like to spend your retirement in another country? Under certain circumstances, the money can be transferred abroad; contact us; we plan with you

You do not even want to miss a single penny of your hard-earned pension? Then you should pay attention to a correct pension period calculation and arrange for a complete account clarification; we will be happy to help you with this.

We don’t measure our success by the status of our business accounts.
We seek long-term customer relationships based on trust.

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Business Immigration